Bridge Healthcare’s mission is to provide medical products and educational support that result in positive healthcare outcomes, delivered by experienced professionals working to Improve Lives.

Bridge Healthcare was created to Improve Lives. 

Our team has been providing products and services to the Healthcare Industry for over 25 years. 

To build the best Bridge Healthcare for our customers, we reflected on what we have learned over the years, who’s lives we impacted, and the many relationships we’ve developed with our customers.

We thought about all the success stories and all the challenges…. what we did right….and what we learned from our mistakes.  We thought about every customer’s unique needs and how their type of organization, culture, and past experiences all impacted their best solution.

The objective in every customer interaction was ultimately to Improve someone’s life.  That could be improving injury and infection rates, patient experience, culture, finance, time management, marketing, and so much more. We made a positive impact on clinical staff and leaders, contracting and supply chain, administrators and risk managers, and most importantly….Patients!

We have an ability to help people by providing products and services that Improve Lives – This is why we started Bridge Healthcare!

We are passionate about what we do, always try to do the right thing, and aim to be your best partner.

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  • Sales and Support that is designed to be personal, reliable, and dedicated to you. National coverage so we are there even when you don’t need us.
  • Experienced Team that understands nothing is more important than our customers.
  • Product Manufacturing Partnerships to provide supply chain confidence, product quality, and valuable medical product solutions.  Specializing in Single Patient Use and Disposable Products.
  • Clinical Guidance utilized in the development of products and educational support materials to meet the expectations and needs of our clinical users.

What we believe

  • Always represent BRIDGE with Integrity.
  • Do what’s best for the customer to be their Best Partner.
  • Listen to our customers to find the best solution.
  • Build Trust by earning it.
  • Share our experiences to help our customers make the decision that’s right for them.
  • Do the right thing, always.
  • Respect healthcare workers – they deserve it and the world needs them.
  • Provide state of the art education tools designed to be simple, efficient and effective.
  • Recognize our customers success is our success.
  • Demonstrate a solution to our customer’s problem.
  • Improve Lives.