Now available in POCKET version

Easy to FIND! Easy to USE!

SlideMate is an amazing single patient use slide tube designed to help you transfer and reposition patients safely, in a variety of healthcare settings. Its construction and design significantly minimizes the effort required by caregivers to move patients, preventing and reducing injuries. The SlideMate is simple to use and cost effective. Using a SlideMate makes the repetitive and difficult tasks of transferring and repositioning your patients so much easier.  You will always want a SlideMate by your side!

Why SlideMate™
  • Safety – Prevents injuries by significantly reducing the effort and forces required to perform lateral transfer and repositioning tasks.
  • Quality – Extremely durable material allows you to utilize it for a patient’s entire length of stay.
  • User-friendly – It’s simple and easy to retrieve, with strategically placed wall dispensers or pocket size version to always have by your side.
  • Color – Mint green color makes it incredibly easy to work with and always find, while adding a calming patient visual experience.
  • Versatile – Effective in general Medsurge, OR’s, radiology, cath lab, emergency, ICU’s, transport, and many other departments and settings.
  • Infection control – Single patient use SlideMates decrease the risk of cross-contamination, and create a process conducive to infection prevention best practices.
  • Sizing – Available in multiple sizes to meet the needs of your patients and the environment to reach the highest compliance.
  • Cost – It’s a small price to pay to prevent injuries to your staff and patients.  And when you compare it to wash costs of other solutions, SlideMate makes a lot of sense!

Dispensing and Design

• The SlideMate™ was designed to not only be effective and easy to use, but to provide a system and process of having it there when you need it.

• After numerous clinical evaluations and feedback from a variety of acuity settings, we designed the sizes and dispensing system to be flexible and meet your needs with simplicity in mind.

• Our three tube sizes work for 99% of your patients and the dispensing system allows for a process to ensure the tubes are readily available and fit into your environment – on your wall or in your pocket!