An efficient lateral transfer solution

BridgeAir, an innovative air-assisted breathable lateral transfer and repositioning mattress, is designed to prioritize the well-being of caregivers, patients, and healthcare organizations. With its exceptional features, this mattress revolutionizes patient transfer by significantly reducing the physical effort required, offers advanced microclimate testing for optimal comfort, and provides value-driven purchasing programs that set it apart as the premier choice.

  • Quality-focused design and construction
  • Rigorous clinical testing conducted with a leading independent laboratory
  • Clinicians can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of BridgeAir™ for patient care
  • Reduce lateral transfer force by 80%-90%*
  • Minimize staff and patient injuries related to lateral transfers and repositioning
  • Easy to use; drives compliance
*Data available on request

  • Advanced materials allow for optimal breathability
  • High-wicking properties maximize water vapor transmission rates
  • Safe to leave underneath the patient when not in use
BridegAir™ Air Supply and BridgeAir™ Transport Cart 
BridgeAir™ Air Supply
  • Air-Assisted Transfer Device branded air supply pump manufactured to specification
  • CE/UL 60601-1/CSA 601.1 M90 Certified by laboratory
  • Hospital Grade Plug, 6’/25’ Air Supply Hose

BreatheDRY™ Absorbent Protection Pads for BridgeAir™

BreatheDRY™ Breathable Absorbent Pads are a white, soft flat sheet with an absorbent layer and a waterproof breathable underside that stops fluid from getting through to equipment below and wicks away moisture to protect the patient’s skin— designed to be breathable and to manage climate control and preserve skin integrity.

Education & Training
  • Width: 34”, 39”, or 50”
  • Length: Full Size 78” or Half Size 48”
  • Material: Nylon, Latex free
  • Weight Limit: 1200 lb/ 545 kg
Radiolucent and MRI Compatible
  • X-Ray: BridgeAir™ Mattress Single Patient Use is radiolucent
  • MRI: BridgeAir™ Mattress Single Patient Use is MRI compatible (air supply must remain outside of MRI environment with extended supply hose)