Tears of Joy

A story of Safe Patient Handling victory from Bridge Managing Director, Anthony Febbraro:
“For months, we planned a safe patient handling program which included surveys, meetings, approvals, and hours of training staff. The day finally arrived for the executive leadership team to host the ribbon cutting to officially commence the first day of their formal safe patient handling program designed to protect nurses from injury.  As part of the SPH activities during the first week, vendors were asked to be on site and available for product support to ensure a safe and comfortable launch experience.  During one of these support training sessions, I looked up at one of the nurses listening to my instruction and she had tears in her eyes.  I stopped my instructing to ask if she was okay, and I’ll never forget her response:
“I’m great, these are tears of joy. I have been requesting for safe patient handling equipment for years. It’s been painful for me to try and do my job, and it’s effected my life outside of work.  I can’t believe this day is finally here.  And now our young nurses won’t have to go through the struggles I did in caring for our patients.”
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